Positive Options Mobile Medical Center

The Positive Options Mobile Medical Center is a service of Lakeshore Pregnancy Center. They travel throughout West Michigan offering a safe place for people to gather all the information they need to make a healthy and informed decision about pregnancy options.

On their Mobile Medical Center they offer pregnancy testing and ultrasounds (upon assessment). Services are performed by professional medical staff and always free of charge. 


Listen to a recorded Focus on the Family broadcast with Scott Klusendorf and learn the art of pro-life persuasion

Below is a little bio from Scott Klusendorf:

Suppose a local pastor gives you just one minute to convey your pro-life views on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Or, maybe a client wants to know why abortion is wrong, but her attention span will not tolerate a lengthy response. 

What can you say to make a difference? One thing is certain: You must be on message. 

Listen to a two part Focus on the Family broadcast below that will help you make a persuasive case for life in tight spots. You’ll learn why the culture tolerates abortion and how to respond graciously and persuasively. 

For now, here’s how to state your essential pro-life case in a minute or less. Sure, you may not convert everyone on the spot, but you will give them something to think about. Let God do the rest:

“I am pro-life because the science of embryology establishes that from the earliest stages of development, you were a distinct, living, and whole human being. You weren’t part of another human being like skin cells on the back of my hand; you were already a whole living member of the human family even though you had yet to mature. And there is no essential difference between the embryo you once were and the adult you are today that justifies killing you at that earlier stage of development. Differences of size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency are not good reasons for saying you could be killed then but not now.”

Notice you didn’t cite any Bible verses, though you did convey biblical truth. Following 1 Peter 3:15, you graciously and persuasively gave “an answer for the hope that lies within you.” Remember, it’s not on you to close the sale. Rather, as my friend Greg Koukl points out, your job “is to put a pebble in their shoe”—that is, give them something to ponder that will wear on them until they deal with it. 


listen on-line here:

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday - January 21, 2018

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Alpha Family Center is to affirm and promote the sanctity of human life, the value of the family, and Biblical sexuality in our community.

It is our resolve to withhold judgment and condemnation, projecting instead, attitudes of love, support, and service to our clients. By creating such an atmosphere, we can assist them as they develop more fully as individuals, and take significant steps toward more rewarding lives.

“Love never fails”

1 Corinthians 13:18

      Alpha’s Services

*All services are free and confidential

Pregnancy Self-Testing

Young women come to Alpha wondering if they are pregnant. We know that accurate information is critical to making wise decisions. Our trained volunteers are available to share the facts on pregnancy, fetal development, adoption, and abortion.

Parenting through Education

This program allows clients to work with a caring Client Advocate one on one. By participating in this program clients earn “Alpha Bucks” which are redeemed for items such as: diapers, formula, baby and maternity clothing and other necessities.

Post Abortion, Miscarriage, and Sexual Healing Support

At Alpha we minister in grace and truth to women suffering from abortion and other crisis situations. Many women feel hopeless about resolving the pain connected with their past. Prayer support and relevant Bible studies are available for women who seek healing and hope for their future.

Sexual Integrity Program

Many women who come to Alpha for a pregnancy test learn that they are not pregnant. These clients are invited to meet with a Client Advocate to discuss and assess their lifestyle choices. Goals are set, and current relationships are evaluated based on these goals. Women are encouraged to make wise choices that allow them to value themselves in light of God’s unconditional love for them.


Alpha’s Needs


  •      Client Advocates (training provided)                                           
  •      Receptionist                                                                                                   

          Prayer and Financial support                                                                                      


Contact us to learn how you can                                                                                                 

“Put your love into action” at Alpha                                                                           


Alpha Family Center of Cedar Springs

 P.O. Box 450

 6 North First Street

Cedar Springs, MI 49319