Do you want to know what its like at Alpha Family Center? Read what others have said.


"I'm so thankful for all the donations and the help of everyone that works there!  Its nice to be able to go somewhere where no one judges you and are only there to help.  If you are in need or know someone that is, tell them to give Alpha a call."


"Alpha is a wonderful place, I always learn something new; its really helpful!  Being able to not only learn new and different parenting styles, but being able to earn clothes and diapers for my son is an amazing bonus.  The volunteers are welcoming and helpful, always ready for your needs, giving Alpha a home-like feeling."


"Alpha has been such a blessing to my family!  From the beginning of my pregnancy the client advocates have been encouraging and uplifting.  We have been blessed by the opportunity to be a part of the Earn While You Learn program and have been able to "purchase" a majority of my daughter's clothes from Alpha!"



"This turned out to be the perfect fit for me.  It is such a blessing to work with the women and their families that come in to Alpha Family Center for assistance."


"I have seen growth in individuals seeking to improve their parenting skills and I have seen people come in here angry or scared and come to peace when they realize that the staff at Alpha is there to help them."