Post Abortion

Does the following describe you?

On the outside everything looks fine.  You go to work.  You take care of your kids.  You eat, sleep, and smile just like everyone else.  

But, on the inside everything is not fine.  You may be feeling pain, loneliness, or emptiness.  Perhaps you don't "feel" anything anymore.  All because sometime, somewhere, you had an abortion.  Maybe more than one.  And since then, you have not been able to forgive yourself.  

You are not alone.  Believe it or not, your feelings are normal.  The good news is that those feelings don't have to go on forever.  We invite you to join in a helpful post-abortive study called "Forgiven and Set Free."

You can be free from common post abortion trauma symptoms such as anger, shame, suicidal impulses, depression, emotional pain, guilt, substance abuse, sorrow, regret, relationship problems, sadness, anxiety, self-destructive behaviors, nightmares, and eating disorders.

We invite you and encourage you to begin your healing journey today.  Do not put it off.  Call today and schedule an appointment with a trained client advocate who knows what you are going through and wants to help.