Alpha Family Center's Virtual LifeWalk

Alpha Family Center's Virtual LifeWalk Fundraiser

 Ends September 1, 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in place Alpha is hosting a Virtual LifeWalk this year. Although we will not be gathering together for this year's fundraiser, there's nothing that says we can't still have fun while fundraising for the life-affirming ministry of Alpha Family Center.

A special prize will be awarded to whoever demonstrates the most fun while fundraising. 

Share your photos of how you made this year's virtual LifeWalk FUN!

 Email to: 


Some suggestions for making your fundraising FUN!

  •  Challenge another individual or family to see who can raise the most for Alpha. Include something fun that the losers have to do and share the photos with us. For example, get a pie in the face, color their hair a wild color, shave their head, or eat something extremely strange. Get creative and share the fun with us.
  • Host your own private LifeWalk event, include some of the fun things you would normally see at a LifeWalk. Maybe even have dad dress up like a clown, face painting, bake cookies, wear matching t-shirts, a balloon release, and remember a time of prayer.
  • Decorate your bikes and have some family fun on your own LifeRide.
  • Make up some creative signs showing support for LIFE and go for a walk around your neighborhood. Don't forget to make it fun
  • Hold your own LifeRun and award a medal to whoever wore the funniest running outfit. 


*Please remember to share your fundraising photos with us. You may just be the winner of the special prize!


We will have a FundEasy webpage for this year's event. Participants may choose to create their own custom fundraising page to share on social media or maybe you would like to form a team page and challenge other teams. 

To register for this year's fundraiser using FundEasy.

This link can be used to register, donate and order 20/20 Vision for Life! T-shirts. 

Pledge forms and instructions are being mailed to our past LifeWalk, LifeRun and LifeRide participants. If you need more pledge forms they will be available at Alpha or you can download from here. 


Participant form (select to print as two-sided): LifeWalk 2020 pledge sheet.docx


10 simple steps to raise $500 in 10 days

Day 1: Sponsor yourself for $50                                               Day 6: Ask 5 people from church to sponsor you for $10

Day 2: Ask 2 family members to sponsor you for $25           Day 7: Ask your employer to sponsor you for $20, or better

Day 3: Ask 4 friends to sponsor you for $20                             yet, see if your company will match the amount you raise!

Day 4: Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you for $20                    Day 8: Ask 3 local merchants to sponsor you for $20

Day 5: Ask 4 neighbors to sponsor you for $10                      Day 9: Ask 2 businesses you frequent to sponsor you for $25

                                                                    Day 10: Congratulations, you made it!

Grand Prize to be announced soon!

 This fundraiser is a fun and family friendly way of supporting the life-affirming ministry of Alpha Family Center. 

Please join us by participating in Alpha's Virtual LifeWalk Fundraiser 20/20 Vision for Life! 

You may just be the winner of the special prize!

virtual ultrasound image gives a living view of a developing fetus (unborn child) within the womb.

Together we can make a difference for LIFE!


Alpha has decided to begin the conversion process from a pregnancy care center to a pregnancy medical center and had hoped to begin raising the additional funds needed to do so during LifeWalk. By making the conversion to a medical center we will have the ability to provide FREE ultrasounds. We understand the important role ultrasounds play in a woman’s decision when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Ultrasounds have proven to change minds and save lives as women see and hear their babies. If anyone would like to make an additional contribution directly to our Ultrasound project “Vision for Life” we would greatly appreciate your support in this life-saving effort.

Alpha’s Virtual LifeWalk “20/20 Vision for Life!” T-shirts are available to purchase this year. Prices are $10-$12 and all profits from the sale of T-shirts will go directly into the “Vision for Life” ultrasound fund. T-shirts may be purchased when you register as a participant through FundEasy or in person at Alpha.  UPDATED 5/30/2020 Each participant that registers through FundEasy and collects $200 or more in pledges will receive a FREE T-shirt (one free T-shirt for every $200 collected). The final T-shirt order will be placed on September 8th. You will be notified when T-shirts are available for pickup. *Not final design



Information and Instructions

Our theme for this year’s LifeWalk is “20/20 Vision for Life”. Hosting it virtually means those who participate will need to use social media (FundEasy), phone calls, and emails to connect with their family, friends and co-workers to request their pledge of support. The virtual event runs from April 27th through Sept 1st.  Each participant who collects $500 or more in donations and/or pledges will earn a chance to win this year’s Grand Prize (TBD). We will announce the winner of Grand Prize on Alpha’s Facebook page after September 1, 2020.

Our goal this year is to raise over $25,000. Together we can make a difference for LIFE!

Use the enclosed pledge form (two-sided form) to record those who commit to making a pledge of support. You may also go to our website to print off additional forms or pick up more at Alpha. See the several ways donors may fulfill their pledges.

 When you contact your supporters let them know of all the giving options available this year

Giving options for Virtual LifeWalk 20/20 

  • Mail: Make checks payable to “Alpha Family Center” with your name and LifeWalk written on memo line of check. Mail to: Alpha Family Center P.O. Box 450 Cedar Springs, MI 49319


  • Alpha’s website: Event page and look for link for FundEasy and click on it to make a donation to LifeWalk 20/20. 


  • FundEasy: If you are collecting pledges you will need to first register and create your own personal FundEasy page for your family, friends and co-workers to donate to. Go to Alpha’s Facebook page. There will be a LifeWalk 20/20 Vision for Life! FundEasy post, click on that to register. Once you are registered, others can begin making donations to your page. 


  • Monthly Pledge (1 year commitment). For example if you usually donate $120 but want to make a $10 payment each month for one year you can. Simply make checks payable to “Alpha Family Center” with Monthly Pledge written on memo line of check. Mail to: Alpha Family Center P.O. Box 450 Cedar Springs, MI 49319


  • Faith Pledge: pledge any amount and pay by Sept. 1, 2020. Make checks payable to “Alpha Family Center” with Faith Pledge written on memo line of check. Mail to: Alpha Family Center P.O. Box 450 Cedar Springs, MI 49319 before Sept. 1, 2020

 Mail your completed pledge forms with any checks you have in to:

Alpha Family Center

P.O. Box 450 Cedar Springs, MI 49319



Over 200 individuals, families, churches and businesses received this information about participating in Alpha’s Virtual Fundraiser. Together we can make a difference for LIFE!

 10 steps to raise $20,000 or more

1 - $2,500 donation                                         $2,500

 2 - $2,000 donations                                       $4,000

 3 - $1,500 donations                                       $4,500

 4 - $750 donations                                          $3,000

 5 - $500 donations                                          $2,500

 6 - $250 donations                                          $1,500

7 - $100 donations                                          $700

 8 - $75 donations                                            $600

 9 - $50 donations                                            $450

 10 - $25 donations                                          $250

Equals              $20,000

With everyone participating we can easily reach and exceed our goal of $20,000

Thank you!

Teresa Hathaway, Executive Director of Alpha Family Center 

has issued a personal challenge to everyone!

If $50,000 can be raised by September 1, 2020

($25,000 for LifeWalk and $25,000 for Alpha's Ultrasound Project 20/20 for Life)

 Due to the 2020 Red Flannel Festival being cancelled I will still cut and clip off my hair LIVE on Facebook OCtober 3, 2020.

"Am I crazy? Without a doubt, but you know what my hair will grow back. There are babies who aren't given the chance to grow in the womb because their mom believes they have no other choice besides abortion. That's why Alpha exists to provide moms with other choices so their precious babies can grow & have LIFE! Please share with everyone you know and let's meet the challenge together!"

Affirming lives, purpose and hope always!