Alpha Family Center's Virtual LifeWalk

Alpha Family Center's Virtual LifeWalk Fundraiser

 Ended September 1, 2020

The winners of the special prize for demonstrating the most fun while fundraising were The Schwalm Family. 

Andrew and Macy on the left had the two fastest times in the Schwalm Family Obstacle Course and received a package of Baby Ruth candy bars.

Helo who is in the center picture kept everything fair and was very protective of Baby Ruth who the participants had to carry through the course.

Caleb and Mom (Amber) on the right had the two slowest times and won a package of baby carrots for their efforts. 

Thank you Schwalm family for sharing not only your photo but all so your videos.


The Riechelt Family also provided us with pictures of them having FUN while FUNdraising.

This is the picture of them after completing their Walk2Church4Life 2 mile walk. Bicycles were decorated with American flags, red,white and blue streamers, and they made matching Walk2Church4Life t-shirts for everyone to walk during their walk. Thank you for sharing your photos with us. 


Thank you to both of these families for sharing how it is possible to have FUN while raising FUNds.

virtual ultrasound image gives a living view of a developing fetus (unborn child) within the womb.

Together we can make a difference for LIFE!

Alpha has decided to begin the conversion process from a pregnancy care center to a pregnancy medical center and had hoped to begin raising the additional funds needed to do so during LifeWalk. By making the conversion to a medical center we will have the ability to provide FREE ultrasounds. We understand the important role ultrasounds play in a woman’s decision when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Ultrasounds have proven to change minds and save lives as women see their babies. 

Teresa Hathaway, Executive Director of Alpha Family Center 

issued a personal challenge to everyone!

If $50,000 can be raised by September 1, 2020

($25,000 for LifeWalk and $25,000 for Alpha's Ultrasound Project 20/20 for Life)

And you did that and so much more!

We received over $35,000 for LifeWalk and another $36,000 for Alpha's 20/20 Vision for Life Ultrasound Project.

I went to Vision's Hair Salon on Saturday October 3 and got my hair cut off as promised. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us surpass our goals this year. 

Together we are making a difference for LIFE!

"Am I crazy? Without a doubt, but you know what my hair will grow back. There are babies who aren't given the chance to grow in the womb because their mom believes they have no other choice besides abortion. That's why Alpha exists to provide moms with other choices so their precious babies can grow & have LIFE! Please share with everyone you know and let's meet the challenge together!"

Affirming lives, purpose and hope always!